1. Chuckie17's Avatar
    Within the next week I plan to buy an android mini pc and I have a whole mess a questions Im hoping you guys can answer.

    1. Is it really worth it to spend the extra money on a dual core cpu and quad core gpu? Right now I'm looking at 2 of them.
    One has the allwinner a10 a8 1.5ghz cortex a8 and the other has an rk3066 dual core 1.6ghz cortex a9 and mali_400mp4. I don't really think I will be playing games because I'll be using a mouse and keyboard and I doubt many android games are set up for that considering android is usually controlled by touch screen. But I would like to surf the web with ease and watch movies on netflix hulu or PFT. Also from what I understand they only come with hdmi out. my tv only has s_video and rca input. Can I buy an adapter to make it work with my tv. I would also like to play HD video on the tv in the living room from time to time.
    11-01-2012 02:40 PM
  2. ptjTkVHCPo77pyoEcGkMnQn2's Avatar
    I have the MK802 and like it but would not recommend. Most of the FW releases are buggy and the lack of audio output is annoying to most people

    Would not recommend rk3066 as they are GPL violators. That said the mk802 II can probably be had for 40$ USD now...

    I'd wait for something better. If you watch charbax videos on youtube you can get a good idea that better stuff is coming fast.

    - Eric
    11-01-2012 06:54 PM

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