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  1. ddiehl's Avatar
    First my apologies if this is the wrong forum..

    My contract is up in December.. Right now I'm torn between the S3, and the new N4.

    As the topic states what would you all recommend? A rooted S3 running CMxx (or other ROM) or an N4 always guaranteed to run the latest, and purest Android..

    While expandable memory would be nice, it's not a deal breaker for me. I have a Galaxy tab with a 32gig SD card which is more than enough, plus the tab would be better suited (for me anyway) for entertainment/multimedia, etc, and I keep my trusty iPod classic for music on the go..

    I like the idea of always having the latest and greatest Android os, but it's usually just a matter of time before CM or another developer ports it to another device..

    The other issue is cost, and keeping my grandfathered unlimited data. I can probably pick up an S3 for 99.00 on contract and keep my unlimited, or spend as much as 350.00 for an N4 and probably lose my plan.. Of course one option I considered was buying an iPhone 5, S3, or other device for 200.00 on contract, and flip it on Ebay to recoup the extra money the N4 will cost, and maybe keep my unlimited data?

    So expandable memory, and removable battery aside- what would you pick?

    An S3 with a custom ROM (custom ROM being the key word here), or an N4?

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your recommendations..
    11-05-2012 06:06 PM
  2. Kevin OQuinn's Avatar
    There's a third option...the Optimus G (depending on your carrier).

    Remember, there's no guarantee that any device will get official support for an AOSP rom, CM or otherwise. So if you get a non-Nexus you have to consider the fact that you might never see an AOSP rom.

    The hardware in the Nexus is superior to the S3, though.
    11-05-2012 07:21 PM
  3. gollum18's Avatar
    You also have to remember however that the nexus only comes in 8gb or 16gb versions, I have a 16gb s3 and its plenty for me but for most of the people on here that's nothing especially since it has no sdcard slot.


    Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
    11-05-2012 10:45 PM

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