1. trailracer618's Avatar
    Anyone know of a devise that does live sound recording as well as a iPhone 4S (or similar model). I've compared the sound quality to a couple Android devises, one Blackberry devise, and a Sony camcorder. The 4S outdid them all as far as sound quality goes. The others were blown out and distorted sounding.
    11-07-2012 06:01 PM
  2. Technoduce's Avatar
    I don't know. If I come to know definitely I will inform you.
    11-08-2012 12:37 AM
  3. trailracer618's Avatar
    Wow, just read my OP and realized that I spelled devices wrong....repeatedly.
    11-08-2012 05:35 PM
  4. hossman12's Avatar
    Im actually aldo interested in possibly the availability of an android compatible Mic? Maybe a Bluetooth one?

    Sent from my SCH-R530M using Android Central Forums
    11-08-2012 08:06 PM

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