1. mouettte641's Avatar
    I'm at the end of my contract with Bell in Canada and need a new phone. I don't mind switching to another carrier if needed, but would prefer not. I currently own an iPhone 3GS.

    I'm torn between the Optimus G, HTC One X+ and Galaxy S3. I need at least 32GB, so no Nexus. I use my phone for browsing, light gaming (think Angry Birds, not super hi-tech 3D stuff), texting, watching videos, music. I want something relatively futureproof, since we're stuck with 3 year contracts.

    My comments on each phone :

    Optimus G : except for the notification LED around the Power button, I like the design. I also like the Q-Slide function and the UI in general. Technically the best phone spec-wise with a quad core processor and 2GB RAM. Not a lot of cases available as of right now. Available next Monday.

    One X+: I don't like the design that much, but it looks solid to me. Great screen and camera, which is something I like. Apparently multitasking is sketchy? Beats audio could be a nice feature since I use my phone as a music player. Available before the end of the year and I would have to switch from Bell to Telus.

    Galaxy S3 : A bit larger than the other phones, which is not great with my smallish hands. Slightly older hardware (no quad core). Removable battery could be useful. I like all those gestures like the tap on the top of the phone. Available right now.

    So, which one should I get ?
    11-08-2012 12:28 PM
  2. Kevin OQuinn's Avatar
    If you're going to keep the phone for the next three years (I hope not!) then you should get the S3 or Optimus G. With the S3 you're more likely to get support for a longer period of time (Samsung has a better track record than LG does in that area), but the Optimus G has next-gen hardware. That will keep it relevant for a longer period of time in that respect.

    That being said, any of these three phones would be a great choice. I didn't specifically mention the One X+, but it's also a great phone. You'll likely see at least one more major OS update, plus it ships with Jelly Bean out of the box. You're correct about the camera (it's amazing) and the display is awesome second to none. The internals are good on all three phones. I have the AT&T One X and it's been solid since day one.

    Any of them will do what you want, and will serve you well. I hope what I pointed out helps with your decision.
    11-08-2012 06:26 PM
  3. mouettte641's Avatar
    My iPhone 3GS is now three years old. That's how it works in Canada, unless I want to pay an hefty amount to get a new one after two years. That's why I'm awfully tempted by the LG. The S3 is a bit older and the One X+ only gets 1GB of RAM, making the LG the best choice spec-wise. However, LG sketchy track record also means I could be stuck on Jellybean for a long period of time. The consistant updates will probably be the only thing I'll miss from the iPhone.

    On the other hand, the S3 goes on sale from time to time, which means I could probably get it for free, probably on Black Friday. I actually bought one (for free) recently, but it was defective, so I had to return it. I didn't have the time to play with it a lot to see if I like it. Only thing I could tell is that it was quite big and felt like I could break it in half easily (compared to the brick that is my 3GS), but I guess that's just because it's a large, thin piece of hardware, like the two other phones anyway.

    The One X+ is trickier, since I have to wait until it is released here, wait until my contract is over (December 13th), then switch from Bell to Telus without getting caught and having to pay another month to Bell or be stuck without a phone line for a day or two, then get the phone. Not sure it it's worth it.

    If only I could get the design and specs of the LG, with the Samsung reliability (and its notification LED, it looks awesome) and HTC's camera, I would be happy. There's so many choices with Android, but nothing perfect for me. I hate that.

    So yeah, I still don't know which phone I should get.
    11-09-2012 09:04 AM

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