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    New Google TV device imminite

    ASUS Qube appears at the FCC | Android Central

    FFC application contains User Manual which descripe device as "Smart TV Set Top Box Dongle"

    Key tem is "Set Top Box", which is name usally used for Digital TV Tuners that sit under TV usally delivered by TV network (Google finally attacking TV networks?) or IPTV devices, but i would not be supprice if it's really just Google TV, "STB" fits for such device too i rarely see this Google TV device ot be called that way... and it's "WITH Google TV" which is sound like Google TV is actually secundery function... but ok whatever it's defently Google Tv device thats for sure

    But this video dungle as people think is because those facts:

    -User Manual states this is 2.4GHz device, which means it's most likely WiFi or Bluetooth device or something pseudo, but those technologies are not so good for send loss-less or uncommpressed video data and considering this is for STB device i douth that someone would sucrifice qulity over one short cable
    -User Manual states it's 2-way device... well this would not
    -User Manual also mentions PAiring Process with "Keyboard" and "Touch Pad" which is common controls for Google TV... which favors Bluetooth here and disfavor any display connectivity
    -Meantioned "Nordic" is Semiconductor company that produce 2.4GHz wireless ICs 2.4GHz RF - Products- Nordic Semiconductor which some include Flash and USB which are suitable for dongles
    -Also i can see female connector on device on right top corner, which would mean or this is custom USB or dongle board is divided in to 2 parts (Wireless part and USB port part) or it's dongle for internal connection (i seen such hacks on laptops a lot)

    Form those facts so my guess it's STB by default only have IR for Remote (Google TV is made to minimally being operated via d-pad which is common control on remotes now days) and this is Bluetooth dongle allows to connect optional Keyboard and Touch Pad, but it might be just yet another normal Google TV box
    12-01-2012 05:27 PM

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