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    Ok...my first post so here I go. I have spent countless hours testing/troubleshooting my Android (Razr Maxx HD) for duplicate text messages. I came from AT&T (which offers the best signal in my area for my use) using an iPhone 4s. I've always enjoyed Android in the past and for many other issues that are not related to this post, I switched to Verizon and got an Android.

    Now, I am sure some of you have ran into the known issues/posts with people on Android sending and receiving duplicate text messages. After some testing and troubleshooting with Verizon and still having the same issue, I am confident I found the root cause. No one ever (at least for me) receives duplicate messages if I have great signal (typically outside my home or office). Once I go indoor to either of the two places, signal is down to one bar on 4G/LTE and sometimes switches to 3G but this is sometimes/rarely. If I text from inside, the phone shows the green arrow as if it's still sending the message but the recipient more than likely has received it. This indicates that my phone or Verizon's network hasn't received any acknowledgement of that message being received by the recipient and continues to try to send the message from my phone, hence the green arrow still showing and my recipients receiving duplicates. Now, this also happens the other way where I receive duplicates from the sender because since my phone still has a weak signal, it hasn't sent any acknowledgment back to the sender that I received the text, hence me receiving duplicates as well.

    So, the question is: Are there ANY apps out there that can either let you force your phone to 3G mode (since I seem to have more 3G coverage in my two affected areas (home and office) or ANY apps that restricts your phone to one attempt and failing if it doesn't send on the first try then allows you to try sending the message again manually when you have signal?

    By default, the iPhone (on AT&T at least) will fail with something like "message not sent" in red and then you have the option to manually try resending it again. I am assuming this is why I never had this duplicate issue because Android seems to try indefinitely and the amount of times it tries seems to dictate the amount of duplicates before either phone receives some acknowledgment. To be fair to the Android community and users, such as myself, when I had an Android in the past, this never happened but then again, at that time, 3G was the only option and there was plenty of good coverage for 3G in most areas. With this new phone, 4G/LTE is what it has and no way for me to force 3G out of the box.

    So, any apps?
    12-20-2012 04:42 PM
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    Just to add to this. I had to go out last night and get me an S3 with AT&T because that signal is better. I get delayed and duplicated messages at home with VZ. Sometimes, I won't get the messages at all. I have 14 days on AT&T to decide if I want to keep the S3 and about 7 days left to decide if I want to stay with the Maxx HD. I am really torn. Having the S3 for only a couple of hours, I really don't like it. I like the feel and look of the Maxx HD at both a software and hardware level. This sucks that I may have to be forced to give up the Maxx HD due to poor signal.
    12-21-2012 09:09 AM

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