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    OK, so here is the story. I was on WP7.5 but my phone recently decided it didn't want to work right anymore. I decided to check on whether my company would supply me with a smartphone since they do for a few of the other managers there. I've been using a dumb phone from them for about a month now and now corporate is not wanting to supply phones for any employees but it is up to the local boss. I am waiting until the end of the month and then going ahead on my own since I'm missing having a smartphone. I am going with android again, it will be used on Straight Talk. If the Nexus 4 comes back in stock I will go that way without question, but if it doesn't I'm looking at some other devices. I want some valid input on which device I should choose. I'm leaning towards and like different things from these 3 phones. Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X (International Version), Motorola Atrix HD. So with those 3 choices which would you choose and why?
    01-10-2013 10:15 PM

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