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    I have an HTC Incredible (the first one) and yeah, I know its probably outdated and all but I still use it A LOT! Well, I use to . So here's the deal... first off, I have no cell service/provider. (It use to be thru verizon). I have been using my android thru the wifi. My device kept saying that it needed to update and when I would accept it, it would go as far as saying it was shutting down my device, but never did. Anyway, I've ignored the notice up until today. I did a factory reset on my device, hoping that it would update to the latest software when it started back up. Now its stuck in "setup". It asks me what language.. english.. hit "next" and then it asks me to activate my device by calling verizon. I did call verizon and basically she told me that she can't help me and good luck. "thanks Lady" So.. here I am, hoping to find an expert that can help me to use my android over the wifi again WITHOUT having a cell service/provider. I'm crossing my fingers that there is a way *cries*
    02-07-2013 01:01 PM

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