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    Ever since my first computer, a 486DX33 that I spent hours trying to tweak every last bit out of it; Tools like QEMM to wrench every last kilobyte from the first 640 to messing with UART chips to get a little more throughput on a com port... I've messed around with my electronic devices, trying my best to make them my own. I held off smartphones for a while... but jumped in last fall, picking up a Samsung Galaxy Stellar (can't beat free).

    Almost immediately I started screwing around with it.... one thing that I thought would be most worth my while is playing around with automation tools like AutomateItPro and Llama to try and maximize my battery life. And initially, things worked out great; there was almost no battery drain while the phone was asleep and I was pretty proud of myself... but then my first endeavor into Android tweaking started to run afoul. I was playing around with enabling/disabling WiFi and mobile data when the screen was off, overnight... etc... to save battery and things turned sour. Wakelocks, weird hangs and UI crashes, WiFi screwiness (not seeing my access point, disconnecting after a few seconds, even the 'on' button getting greyed out), Mobile Data issues (requiring a reboot before I could re-connect) and a rather impressive fault that caused the battery to bleed dry in minutes (Battery graph looked like a cliff). I messed and edited and tweaked and poked, each time running into a problem.

    So, I swallowed my pride and pulled back and an now just letting Android (and Samsung) do its thing as far as power and data management and its been smooth sailing every since.

    Now, I know that I didn't exactly buy the Ferrari of smart phones, but the Stellar is actually a pretty good piece of kit to be honest. Processor is pretty peppy, screen is nice for its size... But even though I bought a 'low end' phone, I would not have expected the problems.

    Anyone else out there pull back a bit after it seems as though the more they tried to address something, the worse they made it?
    02-19-2013 03:32 PM

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