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    So I was pretty upset at losing the Premium rewards which really set Sprint apart. In the past customer service has really put a focus on retaining customers, but that really has changed since Sprint started carrying the iPhone. I know they spent a lot on the iPhone but being the leader in customer service really should have stayed the priority.

    So here is my situation. I contacted Sprint's customer care because I feel it is unfair that they when they took away our annual upgrade by doing away with their Premiere program, they changed the upgrade date from 22 months to 20 but didn't include those who had just upgraded. I upgraded 6 weeks before this change therefore those who upgraded after me will get an upgrade before me. I just wanted they to honor a 20 month upgrade period.

    Francis S.: You can not do that as it was always 22 month but Sprint has reduced to 20 month from Oct2 as if you upgrade your phone now , you will be in 20month as sprint had to decide on any particular date to change the eligibility and that was oct 02
    Francis S.: However, I have a good news for you.
    Francis S.: _____, I have checked all my promotions and found that there is a early upgrade promotion going on,
    Francis S.: This promotion is only valid on Sprint owned stores
    Francis S.: So you can upgrade now,
    Francis S.: How does that sound?
    Customer: how would it work
    Francis S.: All you need to do is just visit the nearest sprint owned store and get that new device on upgrade price. Would you like me to locate a nearest store for you where you can do that?
    Customer: sure
    Francis S.: Sure, can i have the Zip code?

    So this was my conversation with customer care. I went to a Sprint corporate store that day and they said in their computer the upgrade isn't yet showing and only a manager can make an adjustment, who was gone for the day. I went to another Corporate Sprint store who had me call Account Services to find out about the update. On the phone the rep told me only their managers can change the upgrade date, but they see it in the computer and a manager will do it first thing in the morning. For me that seemed fair so I went home figuring to handle my upgrade the next day. When it wasn't showing I called Account Services to see when it would be changed. At this point I was told that it would cost me an additional $50 and I would have to give them my phone. I told them it seemed unfair that I was told one thing would happen the day before and now it'll cost me much more. The supervisor was very short and said well there is nothing that can be done. In the past Sprint would have not hesitated to have you pay the fee upfront and just credit it back to your account. Now, they tell you something and then don't honor it. This is extremely frustrating and seems to be a regression to the Sprint Customer Care of the mid 2000s when they lost so much of their customer base.

    Beware of Sprint! Also, are there any other ways I can seek retribution. It does not seem ethical or legal that a company would not honor the word of their representatives.
    04-21-2013 02:15 PM

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