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    Take your old or not so old un-activated Android Phone and make it a Wi-Fi only device. In my case i am using a Metro PCS Samsung Admire SCH-R720. There are a variety of apps that can be used to accomplish making free phone calls and texts with an Android but i choose to use my Google Voice account. Using Groove IP for the phone calls and the Google Voice app for Texts. Another app i was using witch takes place of both these apps are Mo+. All these apps are available for free on the Market or Play whatever you want to call it. I found Mo+ sucks up much more memory then both these apps combined. Now i know there are many other articles about doing this same thing i am speaking of here but the real reason i am posting this is because i want to strip any and all system apps related to the stock dial-er and any any other apps that can be disabled or completely removed. Now using Titanium Backup i removed every app that had Metro involved in the the name bedsides the Metro WiFi because that's needed to connect to he internet. So Anyone who is reading this and has any questions about making free phone calls and texts, please comment here. And most importantly anyone who knows what stock system applications are not needed to use an Android as a WiFi only device, or if you have any experience in this are please help me if possible. Thanks.
    07-06-2013 09:49 PM

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