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    So i'm a little annoyed today because I was wanting to port over my number from NET10 to GOPHONE. I've ported my number by myself many times throughout all carriers but this time I was like what the hell, i'll try going into the AT&T corporate store get a sim card from them and not have to wait for shipping and also let them port over my number and do the whole payment thing. I go into the store and speak with one guy that tells me the other guy can do that for me. The other guy who appears to be the store manager say's that its very hard to port numbers from MVNO's. I told him that i've done it many times and i've already checked port eligibility online of my number to GOPHONE and it say's it's doable. So he goes through some other porting elegibility worksheet on his IPAD and tells me that it's not possible. I then go home, order a sim card and when I receive it I pop it in and port my number over myself and activate my account with no problems. That just confirmed why I never go into stores anymore and just shop for everything online, it seems so pointless when the service reps at the B&M have no clue about anything.
    08-06-2013 11:38 PM
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    I agree with your point that going into a store can be a frustrating experience. Most of the time, us forum folks know more about what's going on than the employees do. We take the time to read and learn while carriers half train people. Sadly, that's retail for you.

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    08-07-2013 05:39 AM

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