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    Hi, guys, dolphin changed the V10.0.3 to V10.0.4

    Dolphin release a hot fix for 10.0.3 then update their version to v10.0.4 .

    Fixed: JS Interface security issue

    Dolphin Team they are really efficiency in their work and fix bugs. .

    What's New
    1. Clear Most Visited folder data while you clear history
    2. Improved support for reporting issues: send email with crash log/ANR log to Dolphin customer service
    3. Popup menu interaction optimized: the popup menu will disappear when the user taps the tab area
    4. Optimization of User Agent settings: When setting UA to custom, the custom User Agent cant be empty
    5. Improved stability of share page to devices service
    6. Implemented fixes for a multitude of bugs and stability improvements

    09-04-2013 02:49 AM

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