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    So I decided to put my thoughts to paper.

    Here's what I think are each phones that I'm considering personal pros and cons. And would love your guys help to parse through it so I can make a inform decision.

    Moto x pros:
    Seems fast and lag free
    Near stock UI.
    Supposedly one of the best battery life phones.
    I'm indifferent to touches controls and the notification system, maybe I'll love them, but right now their not major deciding factors for me Also if I did get this phone, I'd probably use the moto maker just so I can get 32gbs of storage. But the customization isn't super huge for me as a major selling point

    Cons are that the camera is reportable lacking, the screen is only 720p, and it's priced the same as other, higher end phones.

    HTC ONE pros are that it has a 1080p screen that's also LCD, which I'd probably prefer over the ambled of the moto and S4. Also the finish and feel of it is the best out of the three. I don't listen to stuff really without headphones, so boomsound isn't a big selling point for me.

    Cons are that HTC has a history of slow rolling updates to their phones and the carriers don't make that any easier. Also, I've heard middling reports of the Sense 5 versions battery life. Also, the phone probably won't be as resistent to damage as the S4 or moto x. Also, I'm unsure how I will like sense 5 compared to the stock android I'm already used to. Also, and maybe this is a bit extreme, but the fact that HTC is in do or die mode as a company right now makes me nervous of buying into their product for a two year span.

    Galaxy S4 pros are it's removable back so I can swap out batteries and I can add a SD card for things like photos and added music. But I'm not 100 percent sold if I like a SD card as much as internal storage because I've never had a expandable SD card phone before. Even though I'm not a picture taking person, I kind of want to start taking more photos with my phone, and reportable the S4 has the netter overall camera. Also the s4s popularity is I think a plus because I'll be able to have a healthy ecosystem of accessories and support. Also, the S4 I think has a better chance of getting OTA updates at a quicker pace than the HTC ONE.

    The cons are that I think 90 percent of what they crammed in this phones are gimmicks I'll never use past the first day or ever. I can pretty much guarantee I'll be disabling most, if not all of them. Espeacily if their going to bog down the phones performance. I also hear that touchwiz is a schizophrenic mess, and I think I agree. I know if I get this phone, I'm going to be replacing the stock browser, calendar, mail client, samsung keyboard, and etc. with the chrome, Gmail, Google calendar, SwiftKey, and Google other equivalents. And I don't know if that would make touchwiz a non issue or not. I also don't know how much samsung is going to want me to use its ecosystem and apps as opposed to androids and googles.
    09-13-2013 12:49 PM
  2. ultravisitor's Avatar
    Looks like the Moto X has the shortest list of cons.

    Also, regarding damage resistance: remember that the Moto X has a water resistant nano coating, including on the internals. To me, that's something important because I get caught in the middle of downpours way too often and they make me freak out about my phone.
    09-13-2013 10:57 PM

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