1. mvasquez009's Avatar
    I currently seen on other Android websites such a droid life they posted an article about a new app "sold" that sells your used electronic devices for you.. Similar to swappa, I have been thinking about using it to sell my gs4 but haven't heard anyone really talking about It.. Would it be safe to use?

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    10-04-2013 05:13 PM
  2. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    I believe so. It's been on iOS for awhile.

    I only tried it out a couple of weeks ago to sell a router I have. Basically took some pictures, added a description, and as promised, within 24 hours I had an offer (about $60 less than I would have been willing to part with it for, so didn't actually follow through on the sale).
    10-06-2013 05:37 PM

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