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    I had an interesting question today from a coworker regarding his data limits. I'm on Sprint, so I don't know how to answer him. He's on ATT and with his Android phone (Not sure which one) he was trying to email 14 pictures. Now, first I told him that these phone pics can be 3-4mb or more now a days. So that was his first mistake. So he tries to send the email and it keeps failing. He starts getting alerts that somethings wrong with his account (even he couldn't tell me exactly, but he knew he was paid up, so he ignored them) Then when he gets home or wakes up this morning he gets a message that he's 1.7GB over his 2.0GB limit for the month.

    I could only assume that the email was trying to send but failing after most of it was uploaded. The classic crash at 99%. So then it kept trying. Could this be the case? What recourse does one have if it is? Should he be charged for the data use since the phone was just correctly trying to resubmit the email? Who's to say it wasn't ATT's network that was the culprit?

    The next question he had was whether an MMS used data? He asked if he sent a picture (that would most likely be converted to an MMS) to 10 people, does he get charged 10 times for each recipient, or just once for the send?

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Like I said, I don't worry about this but I thought it was an interesting point. Most people don't send huge data, but what if they do and it fails?
    10-09-2013 11:32 AM

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