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  1. jlgraham's Avatar
    I picked up an Original Moto Droid in December 2009, and so far that is still the best Android phone I've owned (in terms of my experience, not it's capabilities, in 2009 it worked perfectly for me). After I accidentally dropped the Droid off a cliff and into the Pacific Ocean, I bought a HTC Thunderbolt in June 2011, and the Galaxy Nexus in August 2012. Towards the end of my time with each phone, and almost immediately in the case of the Thunderbolt, I was begging for a new device. My Droid was wonderful and solid, I never had to get replacements, but after about 1 1/2 years, the Droid was slooooow and buggy. I rooted it, overclocked it, slapped on a fresh coat of Cyanogen Mod and that got me a few extra months until I killed it. My Thunderbolt was a nightmare. I had 10 replacement devices because they all had major software issues holding a signal and a charge. I actually returned it for a Droid X2, which had such a poor screen I couldn't keep it, and tried the Samsung Galaxy Charge, which was laggy and slow when brand new, so I returned them both and went back to the Thunderbolt, which I stuck with until finally I couldn't take the 3 hour battery life anymore (I carried 4 spare batteries at all times). Verizon issued me a Galaxy Nexus as a free replacement August 2012, and that's what I am still using. I can't stand the GNex anymore, it is so buggy and slow, it power cycles all day, the battery is crap, etc.

    Recently, I decided to pick up an HTC One on T-Mobile to try out the service. Unfortunately, T-Mobile's service isn't great in my area (I knew it wouldn't be as good as Verizon, but it wasn't even usable). I returned it after a week, not only because of the service, but also because the camera sucked, even for a phone, IMO, and I figured I may as well wait for the next crop of phones to start showing up.

    My whole point in all this is, I have been thinking about picking up an iPhone 5s, for pretty much one reason, it might actually last me two years or so.

    I have never had an Android phone that has lasted. Now I know technology moves quickly, and we here at AC are especially prone to wanting the latest and greatest (I use my phone for work: email, phone calls, texting, social media, photos, I don't really do any gaming). However, I've had several Android phones and not one of them has kept me satisfied for the full two years of a contract. I am off contract now (VZW Unlimited Data) and plan on purchasing the rest of my devices at full price, but I would like them to last a reasonable amount of time so I don't go broke buying phones. Even my Original Droid, which was the best of the bunch, barely got me a year and a half.

    I do prefer Android. I'm more accustomed to the OS, I like the customization and the looks, and I like the choices in hardware. That being said, I have an iPod touch from ~4 years ago, and while it is not an iPhone 5s by any means, it works great. It never fails or freezes, and I still use it all the time. Increasingly, when I have WiFi available, I find myself using my iPod rather than my Nexus. My partner has an iPhone 4S, which in terms of age is roughly equivalent to my Galaxy Nexus, and his phone whizzes along, has the latest OS immediately, and rarely fails. When I borrow his iPhone for calls, to look something up or play a quick game, I'm always amazed at how much better it handles it's age than does my Galaxy Nexus. I'm not saying iOS is better, obviously they are both great and excel in different areas, but my question is:

    How old are your Android phones? Anyone here have a two or three year old Android device that they are still actually satisfied with?
    10-15-2013 05:46 PM
  2. Ludatyk's Avatar
    I have the Note 3.. which is my first Android device, by the way. But I do agree with your sentiments... regarding iPhones in terms of reliable.. hardware and software exist as one. I think that's the missing link with Android... not that I don't enjoy my Note 3 experience. It's the fact that Google does it's best with their Nexus devices.. but they are not manufactured by them. I believe with the acquisition of Motorola.. things might change. As far as a total package.. iPhone is not tied to any manufacture except its own.
    10-15-2013 06:17 PM
  3. Euan Tan's Avatar
    I used to own the IPhone 4 first and thought that IOS is king and that android sucked (#misinformed) until I got bored of it and saw the Nexus 7. and Damn. Best decision of my life... Customizing the homescreen and everything was definitely my thing. I would say that IOS is pretty responsive and quick. As for now I have a Galaxy S... 2.3 or something was installed first and it drained the better from 100%-> 25% in under 2 hours of light use and standby ... but after installing a custom rom and kernel. It can last me a day with moderate use but still laggy cuz its old. However, now Android has stepped it up and I played with the G2 before and I am definitely getting it... That 1080P 5.2" screen!
    10-15-2013 08:12 PM

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