1. laddie79's Avatar
    A trivial post really but.... I was just doing the 'OK Google' on Google Now and thought it was extremely fast... I then said 'OK Goo' and literally a split second whilst saying 'Goo' it had bleeped in and ready... so maybe 'OK Goo' is just enough and Google can shorten their name

    This is meant to be a silly post and not me being wholly serious, though it is true so no haters please! Fairly new around here so not sure how 'hardcore' everyone is if ya get my drift.
    10-26-2013 04:50 AM
  2. Euan Tan's Avatar
    Ahaha just tried it and said "Okay goog" and it worked ... then i said "okay g" (just saying the g sound) and it worked too
    Just "ok" didnt work
    10-26-2013 02:16 PM

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