1. neonworm's Avatar
    If you use Google Hangouts with SMS support can Google read your text messages? I want to know if other people also have concerns about Google Hangouts SMS privacy.
    11-03-2013 04:15 PM
  2. gabbott's Avatar
    I wouldn't be any more concerned than when using the Google provided messaging app. At this point hangouts SMS functionality is simply as a messaging app replacement. There is no provision for message syncing or anything like that.

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    11-03-2013 04:20 PM
  3. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Technically speaking, I'm sure any carrier/service provider can read messages sent to and from the device, if they really wanted to. I don't think it's an issue to worry about.
    11-03-2013 04:47 PM
  4. gone down south's Avatar
    They can scan for keywords and deliver more relevant ads, but no person is reading your messages.

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    11-03-2013 07:04 PM
  5. Jnorton2724's Avatar
    Apple could, Google could, all the carriers could. I trust Google more then the carriers in the US.

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    11-03-2013 07:21 PM
  6. gabbott's Avatar
    Google has had access to my SMS for years since I've been a Google voice user. I'm fine with it from a privacy point of view.

    I'm a gmail user too with many accounts attached it. They've never hidden the fact that they use keywords to give me targeted based advertising. Apart from that I don't believe they use the data for anything other than that.

    If one uses any Google services you need to understand that and agree with it.

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    11-03-2013 08:15 PM
  7. _X_'s Avatar
    The answer is yes, and the answer to the question you didn't ask is yes the carriers and the NSA can also read your emails.
    11-03-2013 09:21 PM

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