1. JackRogers21's Avatar
    Hi I recently downloaded Google Keyboard to replace Samsung Keyboard on my Galaxy Note 2 (I317). My phone doesn't support the Emoji input on Google Keyboard since it's only 4.1. But, I was typing the word "Paper" and after "pap" the hand emoji appeared in the suggested words bar. It sends and receives perfectly fine. Also if you type "P" a phone icon will appear. I was wondering if there's any explanation for why this happens so anything will help. Thanks!
    Attached Thumbnails Hidden Emoji in Google Keyboard Pre-4.4?-screenshot_2014-01-07-09-39-03.png   Hidden Emoji in Google Keyboard Pre-4.4?-screenshot_2014-01-07-09-39-17.png  
    01-07-2014 12:56 PM
  2. antilles76's Avatar
    You can download the emoji pack in add-on dictionaries under settings for the google keyboard. They will show up if you do (I just tried it to confirm on my DNA running 4.2.2).
    01-07-2014 01:14 PM

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