1. Android junior's Avatar
    I've been patiently waiting for someone to develop an app that will allow me to stream Netflix from my Galaxy s3 to Galaxy tab via wifi direct for a while now but I don't really see what the hold up is. I have seen posts on the net saying why would you really want that. The perfect hypothetical would be that my wife could watch movies on road trips and I could continue to use my phone as a phone of all things.

    Screen share is nice but is limited to lower bandwidth browser based sharing.

    Can anyone explain the lack of development of wifi direct apps that do more than share basic photos and files?
    01-08-2014 11:10 AM
  2. garublador's Avatar
    It sounds like you want an app that makes your phone a WiFi hot spot. Then you'd run Netflix on the tablet off the WiFi generated by your phone. There's no need to stream Netflix from one device to another. That's just an overspecialized case of what you can do with a WiFi hotspot.
    01-08-2014 11:53 AM

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