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    Ok, so I'm not a tech pro. But molding my gadgets is becoming a hobby. I've learned unlocking and rooting.. I've started flashing ROMs and mods to stock roms.

    Now I'm wondering, what's the difference between ROMs like pure AOKP vs ROMs based on other original roms like AOKP?

    For example, I'm using Smoothrom on my grouper nexus 7 to boost performance/reduce lag/etc. It is a 4.3 Jellybean ROM based on AOKP. What is the difference v the AOKP ROM? added features baked in? Bugs within Aokp fixed?

    This is question is just for knowledge sake, so please don't criticize any biases or wrong assumptions apparent in the language of the question. Please do address any inaccuracies or biases/assumptions that you notice. Like I said, this is just for me to better understand the motivation/benefits/risks/purposes behind roms like AOKP v AOKP Based (slimrom).

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    01-10-2014 10:26 PM

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