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    Well I have been using the Nexus 5 for almost a week now (Giving my note 3 a break) lol

    I rate the nexus 5 highly the pro's for me are that its so fast and smooth. The yellow pages in the dialer is a handy feature. OK Google is great although I tend not to speak to my phone but a good feature none the less. The camera with HDR+ turned on takes acceptable pictures. The feel and design are very comfortable.

    The slight cons-only 16gb & 32gb versions but not to much of a concern for me as I have my note 3 alongside the Nexus.

    The Cons- Battery life ain't great but far from unbearable. That extra mah would of gone along way to making the Nexus 5 my daily driver and no doubt pleasing to all even 3000mah would of been sufficient. But not to be and just a wee gripe

    Overall I am very surprised at how well the Nexus 5 performs, how well it feels in the hand. The camera is not the best but far from poor. Sound quality is not bad through speaker not boom sound obviously but not poor update to 4.4.2 must of helped. I can't compare to first release as when I turned on my Nexus it automatically updated to the above.

    Was strange as I have previously been using the note 3 and Mega to scale back down to a 5' display but soon got accustomed. Then I went back to my note 3 after 6 days with the Nexus and the Note 3 feels and looks big again lol

    Yeh after hearing some peoples personal reviews about the Nexus I was initially concerned about my purchase but as it turns out I in my own opinion believe I have the perfect combo.

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    01-20-2014 06:31 PM

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