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    Ok so I have a strange setup that I would like to get working on my MotoX. I have delayed lock installed on my phone because I hate having to input the code every time I pick it up but I need some security on it. Right now I have it lock after 3 minutes of inactivity. So if I'm working on something or texting someone it doesn't keep locking on me. I would like to add the wifi plugin so that my phone will stay unlocked when I am at home. When I am enjoying media at home on my chromecast/roku/bluetooth speaker it is annoying to have to enter the code to make changes. I know netflix and certain apps display the basic controls on the lockscreen but my roku remote app for example would be nice. I can't just leave the phone unlocked whenever it is within range of my WiFi however. I have roomates and a completely vulnerable phone is just asking for trouble. What I would ultimately like to be able to do is have delayed lock keep the lockscreen off when I am on my wifi and activate another app that will password protect certain apps so that I can access the basics while protecting important things like my banking, photos, email, etc. When I leave home and disconnect from my wifi I would like the lockscreen to engage again via delayed lock but also the individual app codes to turn off as well as i don't want to have to enter two codes to get to my stuff. I know there is probably a way to achieve this but I haven't found a clean way to do it. I understand the best way to do it might be tasker, but I don't have any experience working with tasker.

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

    01-23-2014 05:48 PM
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    DoMobile Lab - January 10, 2014


    Unlock With WiFi (Trial)
    Ben Hirashima - January 12, 2014

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    01-23-2014 06:02 PM
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    Awesome thanks.
    AppLock was exactly what I needed. I had seen that app before but I hadn't realized that it had triggers in there as well.
    01-23-2014 09:18 PM

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