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    Hello all, i am a current BB user/abuser, and my work has decided to switch service providers, and with that, we will get to pick a device of our choice. Up til now, all work issued devices were BB's. Here are the list of devices we get to choose from:

    Apple: iPhone 4s, 5s 16/32/64GB
    Samsung: SG3, SG4, SGN2
    BlackBerry: z10 & q10

    right off the bat I noticed the z30 and sgn3 were missing from that list. i have tried my hardest, and my company rep would not budge. it for sure is out of the question.

    I am not interested in the Apple choices. Maybe if this were sometime after the iphone6 got released, may i would have gotten it. but i need the viewing real eastate.
    neither am i interested in the SG3 or q10..for sure.

    So that leaves the SG4, Note 2 and the z10. I already know about the z10. My wife has one. So that leaves the SG4 and Note 2...this is where my problem is....

    would it make sense at all getting the Note 2 at this point ? Two service providers i spoke to said the note 2 was already marked as end of life items in their inventory. they are no where to be found on their websites. As far as I can tell, I will not be able to get the Note 3, so its the 2 or nothing as far as my galaxy note options go.

    And then theres the SG4. read through a bunch of threads obviously lots of people like the device, but it seems there have been lots of complaints about it.

    I find that the stock android keyboard on the SG4 is just plain terrible. then i got to use swiftkey..to me just as bad. after all, im coming from a blackberry. BUT, i think i would just need to get used to it.

    If it does make sense getting the note 2, how is it for reliability as compared to the sg4. does kitkat fix all of that ?

    Thanks for your time,i look forward to reading the responses.

    Oh..i gotta make up my mind by friday. otherwise, i will be given a q10 by default.
    02-04-2014 08:00 PM
  2. UJ95x's Avatar
    Get the S4. The Note 2 is over a year and a half old, so I wouldn't expect many more software updates. The GS4 has a far better screen and camera, and the performance is also a lot better. Only upside to getting the Note 2 might be battery life, but the S4's should be enough to get you through a day

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    02-04-2014 08:29 PM
  3. louisstone's Avatar
    Of the choices presented, the S4.

    Then just keep looking for a third party keyboard app that you like.

    Somebody, somewhere, right now is stuffing Twinkies in their shorts.
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    02-04-2014 08:31 PM
  4. pgg101's Avatar
    If it's a work device, and you email as much as I do, Z10 for sure. BlackBerry new touch keyboard is best on the market.

    I'm currently on a BYOD with my employer on my Z30, but I will be getting a corporate owned Z10 in a month or two...whenever my turn comes up.

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    02-05-2014 06:26 AM
  5. yunvi's Avatar
    thanks folks.

    as far as the samsung choices go, i was leaning toward the S4.

    I agree with pgg101. The z10 would work very well pumping out emails on that keyboard BUT I have trouble holding it in my hands comfortably. Let me explain; i like typing with two hands, and the phone just does not sit well for me. Very uncomfortable if that makes any sense. I thought about using a case to maybe widen the phone so i could perhaps grip it better. In this instance, the z30 is perfect, but for whatever reason, is not an option for me.

    so really and truly, SG4 vs Z10.
    02-05-2014 07:10 AM
  6. yunvi's Avatar
    ...and I decided to go with the SG4.

    couldnt get the z10 in my hands comfortably...the S4 feels perfect...looking forward to it.
    02-07-2014 08:31 AM
  7. UJ95x's Avatar
    ...and I decided to go with the SG4.

    couldnt get the z10 in my hands comfortably...the S4 feels perfect...looking forward to it.
    Nice. Congrats on the new phone!
    Let us know how you like it

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    02-07-2014 08:36 AM

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