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    Over 101 unique lovingly crafted watches

    - Selection of clock with or without seconds display
    - Set background color
    - Open calendar / alarm manager
    - Several widgets placeable
    - Separate date widget
    - Scalable in all sizes
    - For Android 4.2 +, widget also on the "lock screen"


    Antique, Arcade, Champagne, Frail, Lazy, Banqu, Kawung, Metal, Milio, Sans, Sopran, Trial, Urban, Dcolor, Taho, Gothic, SF, Fire, Racoon, Beer, Beach, Flower, Gras, Snow, BMW, Kids, Outline, Underwater, World, Storm, Sunrise, Black, Disco, Dot, Darkblue, 8 Bit, 28 Days Later, 3D, Bluegreen, ThinyC, Danger, Blackred, Saloon, The 80s, Green, White, Wildwest, US, Round, Heart, Coolwhite, Terminator, USA, Austria, Germany, Ireland, India, Italy, Brazil,Czechia, Klingon, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Canada, France, Belgium, Russia, Vietnam, Mexico, Greece, Turkey
    ...and there will be more!

    Would you like a specific clock, please contact me.
    03-19-2014 10:30 AM

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