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    Here's a study I got from ZDNet that compares phones by download speed. The only variable was the phone, so it's not comparing networks or different topologies or such.

    According to its study of top speeds seen on 150 devices, the fastest was LG's G2 (D802, the UK model), which went on sale last September and was seen downloading at a top speed of 103Mbps.
    Others that were clocking up download speeds above 90Mbps included Samsung's Galaxy S4 4G+, the Galaxy Note 3, Nokia's Lumia 920, Galaxy S3, Sony's Xperia Tablet Z, the iPhone 5S and Nokia's Lumia 925 all of which are of course LTE devices.

    The next batch of devices with speeds below 90Mbps but above 80 Mbps included the LG's Google powered Nexus 5, the Lumia 820, Sony's Xperia V, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. Behind them in the 60-80Mbps category were the iPad Air, Lumia 625, HTC One, the iPhone 5, and iPad 4

    The full chart of the phones by speed is here:

    03-20-2014 12:55 PM

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