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    All the android users have several android apps for different tasks but always they want to get something easier and special. The same situation is with transferring files between Android mobiles and PC. There are countless of ways to move files between Android mobiles and PC, but people are still looking for the easiest way.

    In my previous article i have mentioned about how to connect your android device to PC without USB cable and today again i am going to share another easiest way to share files between PC and Android devices wirelessly called Web PC Suite.

    Web PC Suite - Manage Android Contents on PC Wirelessly-72.png

    What is Web PC Suite?
    Web PC Suite is a useful android app which helps users to manage their Android content on PC or Tablet very easily and wirelessly. With the help of this free Android PC Suite users can accommodatingly manage their android phone's gallery, videos, Music and other data on computer without connecting the USB cable.

    Web PC Suite - Manage Android Contents on PC Wirelessly-web-pc-suite-manage-your-android-contents-pc-wirelessly.png

    To use this app you wouldn't have to do any complex setting, only you will have to install the Web PC Suite app on your device and start enjoying. To get started with this app you should have an Android device along with WiFi connection, WiFi Router and Web PC Suite. Once the WiFi connection setup is done with your PC and android phone then you will be able to access all your files on PC browser page comfortably. Lets see - how Web PC Suite app works.

    How to Use Web PC Suite to manage Android Files on PC
    Firstly, go to the Google play store and install Web PC Suite app on your android phone. Once it is successfully installed on your device, open the Web PC Suite app from your phone, on the first screen of this application you will see a web address and an IP address as shown in below screenshot.
    Web PC Suite - Manage Android Contents on PC Wirelessly-web-pc-suite-web-address-ip-address.jpg
    Now go to your PC, open any of your favourite browser and type the web address or IP address and hit enter. If you want to make this process very quick then i will suggest you to use web address (wps.xageek.com). Just after hitting enter a web page will open, you will be able to see the QR Code which you have to scan with your Android phone camera.
    Web PC Suite - Manage Android Contents on PC Wirelessly-web-pc-suite-scan-qr-code.jpg
    To scan the QR Code, point your Android camera towards the QR Code and within a few seconds the web browser on your PC will display a page from where you can manage your Android content freely.

    On the browser windows you will see all your android mobile data such as photo gallery, videos, Music and other files. You can access all these files wirelessly. There is no need of USB cable to connect your android device with your PC. For the example few screenshots are shown below:

    Web PC Suite - Manage Android Contents on PC Wirelessly-web-pc-suite-manage-android-files-pc.jpg
    Web PC Suite - Manage Android Contents on PC Wirelessly-web-pc-suite-manage-android-files-your-pc.jpg

    Get from here: Download Web PC Suite Android App

    Thus we can think about the usefulness of Web PC Suite app. If you love to share or access your android files on your PC then you must try this Android app, Web PC Suite is the best way to manage Android contents on a PC.

    Want to know more about this app then >

    Feel free to share your view about Web PC Suite app through comments.

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