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    I've got a new phone now since losing my last one. Turns out there are tons of apps designed to help with phone recovery that I never bothered with. This time I'd like to be more prepared. I know... google it. I have but the sheer amount of info and opinions is mindblowing. So I'm hoping someone here will give me the exact answer for the exact questions. Long story short, I just want an app that can do the following. It's a wish list. But not necessarily a must list.

    1. Lock if someone tries unlocking with wrong face/pattern.
    2. Lock if someone tries hard reset.
    3. Lock if sim is changed.
    4. Take photo/text message/detail of any unauthorised person that tries to use the phone.
    5. Lock phone via imei number.
    6. I don't keep data or wifi always on. So prefer something that can work through texts/regular network.

    Would appreciate any inputs.
    04-14-2014 03:07 AM

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