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    Samsung Galaxy S 4 - 16GB Red Aurora (Certified Like-New) cell phone from AT&T

    As of posting the white and red ones are going for $180. The cheapest good quality AT&T S4 is going at $300 on Swappa, I figure this is a pretty good deal.

    You will have to pay for a plan as well if you haven't already have one though, but since it's no contract you should be able to cancel it without issues.

    Update: There is a credit check involved. Users from SlickDeals confirmed there will be no ETF fees after speaking with the reps.
    04-19-2014 10:05 PM
  2. someguy01234's Avatar
    Well I got the phone for $180 no contract. They just put the price back to $590. I just had to call up customer service to cancel the number that came with the phone, they said it will take 30days, but got them to cancel it immediately by insisting. I also requested an unlock code from their site, but is still waiting for it.

    I thought about giving this away as a gift, but the I haven't use Samsung phones for a while and Touchwiz on this thing is atrocious, I never experienced anything so laggy and slow with this specification, it's not fun to use at all. This is after rooting, disabling half of all the system apps, turn off animations and all the Samsung features. (AT&T version is bootloader locked so no chance for CyanogenMod.) I don't meddle a lot with Touchwiz, but it's really true that the features are all gimmick and have doesn't have real world practicality that you find in the Moto X. Probably going to sell it and get a something with stock Android as the gift. I think it's insane to pay $600 for this when it was new.

    Definitely good to watch out their refurb section in the future for these kind of sales though.
    04-24-2014 03:14 PM

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