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    The Sprint Netgear Gateway D6100 router was delivered yesterday. I needed to upgrade my data plan to the 30 gig plan on Sprint, and I had to replace the Mifi hotspot in order to do that.

    I was amazed that it picked up a solid 4G signal immediately. I live in the boonies, in a valley. My closest tower is about 4 miles away over hill and dale. I rarely get a 4G signal on my Notes 2 and 3 or the Gnex. Never on the Mifi, ever. This router is rock solid. Last night we had 5 devices all running on 4G, no lag, no dropped signals, solid.

    This was before the D6100, on 3G, mifi speeds were only marginally better but always less than 1 mb down.

    This was with the D6100 on 4G.

    I am one happy Sprint customer today. Spark is about 15 miles away, hopefully it will migrate out to us before long. I never thought I'd see 4G out here, never say never, I guess. 😃

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    05-15-2014 11:12 AM

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