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  1. aatiqahnyla's Avatar
    Wudu(ablution) application describe the correct method of performing wudu in islam this application is very useful for all muslims with the help of this application user can easily learn the important rules of wudu and the order in which they are performed.

    Wudu(ablution) Application for Android and iPhone-step-step-wudu.png

    Why Wudu Application is So Important
    wudu application that helps the Muslims to look into the correct method for performing Wudu. With the help of this application user can learn the essential of wudu without any complexity.

    Feature of Wudu Application

    Key instructions about wudu
    Wudu app also contain excellent information about the accurate method of wudu that user should keep in mind while preforming wudu

    The application contain supplications that are to be said at the begin and end of Wudu to get more blessing from Allah Almighty.

    This app describe each and every step of wudu with te help of images so it,s very easy for the user to understand the right procedure of wudu in islam.
    Wudu(ablution) Application for Android and iPhone-features.jpg

    Step by Step Doing Wudu Download Free App for Android

    Step by Step Doing Wudu Download Free App for iPhone
    Attached Thumbnails Wudu(ablution) Application for Android and iPhone-features.bmp  
    05-29-2014 02:54 AM

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