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    NOTE: You will find my posts regarding Android to be a bit biased... I like a general debate regarding the good, the bad, and the ugly - it's like sport teams for me - sometimes we win, and sometimes we loose, and we argue in between. But I also wanted to point out a few good great things I would love to have.

    So here's a list of things I love about Android:

    1. "Ok Google" always listening feature on MotoX. Specially that it is only designed to listen to your own voice.
    2. The Stylus Pen in-bedded into the cavity of the phone on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
    3. Waterproofing the phones should be standard on all mobile and handheld devices!!! (I just wish the companies guarantee it within the cavity of its warranty) My iPhones all have experienced their first baths within the first year. They still work after - I was lucky - but I dont want to worry about that.
    4. Continue to surf the web from your PC to your phone (haven't seen that in action, but if I understand that right - I like it because I don't have a Mac yet)
    5. Screen Size Options of 4.3" to 4.7". Games are getting more sophisticated (specially with the new graphics hardware + 64bit processing), for some games 4" is getting to be a bit small. I do not want to carry around my iPad for the few minutes I have to do a race or update my base, but a little bigger screen would not hurt.

    I will edit this later for more things - it's late, and I wanted to post this up today...

    I would love to make a list of what keeps me with Apple/iOS but it will start a fight for sure. I tried before, hoping that experienced Android users would counter with versions or workarounds in Android, but it turns into name-calling and fanboysm (myself included, lol). So, in that regard, lets just throw compliments at opposing teams on this thread. heh.

    P.S. Can someone point me if there's an Android phone that has these points in one phone included? Thanks.
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    06-03-2014 03:59 AM
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    Great post!!
    06-03-2014 08:47 AM
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    P.S. Can someone point me if there's an Android phone that has these points in one phone included? Thanks.
    I don't think there is a phone out there now that combines EVERYTHING.... the always-listening of the Moto X is tied to dedicated hardware that only the Moto X utilizes currently (though, all signs point to that changing). And the S-Pen is Samsung's pride and joy of the Note line....

    But, as you requested.... there really isn't much about the iPhone and iOS. Well, the way they integrated the thumbprint scanner into the 5S... that was a good implementation.

    And Apple does a far better job of giving a cloud-based backup solution to their users. Google is trying to get to a more seamless backup, but it's still a WIP. COMPLETE backups require either a computer or a custom recovery, and partial/incrementals require third party tools and most often rooted devices. It'd be nice to have my config, app data, etc... just automatically backed up in there in some recess of my Google Drive so when I do a factory restore or load a new ROM I can just suck it all back down in one, easy function. Sure, Google will try to load back on all your previously installed apps, but the all-important app data will be gone most of the time.

    By the way... people get touchy with Apple fans..... It wasn't that long ago that the iPhone was the best phone on the market and iOS was the superior mobile OS and Android fans had to endure mountains of smug. Not the case anymore... but people remember.
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    06-03-2014 12:59 PM

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