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    As we no EE has pulled out of independent shops eg Carphone warehouse and phones 4U
    there are Rumors O2 are looking to follow this.
    But what does this mean for us!!
    Well Branded Bloated phones that are locked down to Networks
    for many years the UK has bee fortunate that most Networks did not lock down there phones so at the end of the contract you could switch to another network.
    Now this has been a major plus for Android users, Now this only effects Network purchased phones and not ones from UK retailers
    Networks have been said to say well Iphone users have had this from the start and think that that as more Apple user move over that they will be used to this or they get away with this
    So what happens if you are a netwok Branded user well you get Bloated firmware with Junk apps
    Vodafone has four three can be uninstalled and one Disabled but its still locked to there network and in the First 12 Months you have to pay to get the unlock code.
    so if for many you Like custom roms its another ring you need to jump through
    after 12 months its Free but for some strange reason takes longer to get ummmm
    Networks seem to think the no what we want, they were Hoping Tizan would of taken off so they could lock us all in like Apple users
    as this has not happened there trying other ideas
    Three has tried this idea ditching CPW but it hit there sales Bad and forced them into a rethink but CPW said sorry we don't want you now
    But with EE Puling out and O2 rumored to be doing the same who is left well Vodafone but even they are up to something taking LG back on baud
    So could we be seeing the end of un Branded phones well no
    As there is hope out there Virginmedia is the only UK Network that supplies unbranded and Tescos mobile CPW have no plans to stop selling phones but i think they will be sold on finance or you pay full money
    Now other supermarkets are also doing unbranded Asda for one
    So when Buying now a Android device think long and hard before buying from a network, if we vote with our wallets then networks will see sales drop and wonder why
    Just like three did
    We don't want Networks messing up android, The Galaxy S4 was the first to be locked down by networks and look at what happened to the sales there.
    Sales have not been massive on the S5 for odafone so there throwing in a watch
    But Hopefully Networks will get the message
    06-17-2014 07:48 AM

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