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    Surah yaseen is amongst the most enumerated surah of the quran. Muslims enumerate this surah to please Allah and get blessings. It conjures the benevolence of Allah to overlook your transgressions and magnify status of the devotee to this world and the great beyond. In the event that an individual reads it at the begin of the day, Allah satisfies everything the needs of the reader.

    Surah Yaseen Application For Smartphones-surah-yaseen.jpg

    Having Surah Yaseen application cell phone is an incredible open door for the individuals who day by day like to recite this wonderful Surah. The benefit of listening Surah Yaseen is eminent. Keeping this in view, the applications recitation of Surah e Yaseen is additionally offered to accumulate you peace disorder and misery. The 'advantagesand Blessings' of reading surah yaseen are incorporated to shed light upon its vitality and propel individuals towards learning surah yaseen.


    Recitation: Audio of Surah Yaseen recitation might be listened on the application. The user is given an option to select among their most loved reciters Qari Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais and Qari Sheik .

    Bookmark: Last read choice permits you to bookmark the ayat where you quit reading surah so that when you begin reading again you know where to start from.

    Translation: Word by word interpretation of Surah Yaseen is emphasized in the application. It permits the user to comprehend while reading. The interpretation might be turned on or off relying on user inclination.

    Transliteration: Transliteration of Surah Yaseen is incorporated to permit the userto use right articulation to evade the shot of committing an error.

    Theme Choice: Reader can select a theme for review Surah on their gadget. They can pick between diverse content sizes, content colors according to their necessity.

    Surah Yaseen is a complete application with everything you need to think about Surah Yaseen and holding peculiarities to upgrade your Quran Learning.

    Click Here to Download Surah Yaseen App For iPhone
    Click Here to Download Surah Yaseen App For Android
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