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    So I went to a friends house and I noticed my Nexus battery was getting quite a bit low.

    I plugged it into her wall to charge. I had a 2 amp charger that usually charges pretty fast. My phone was on 30%.

    30 minutes later I'm expected around 60% or so, but I looked at it and it's still at exactly 30%. I of course checked to see if the charger was really connected and the charger icon was there indicating that it is in fact charging. All my extra stuff that would use battery life were all turned off so I knew it wasn't that. I actually had the phone on airplane mode.


    Well not so much.

    Next thing I suspect is that the outlet is bad, so I tested it with another item (a lamp) and it worked perfectly.

    I used the same power strip the TV was plugged into and 15 minutes later still on 30%!!!

    Next I pulled out my Anker 13,000 mah power bank out and hooked it up to my phone. 15 minutes later STILL ON 30%!!!

    So I mentioned it to her, she said "no one can really charge phones at my place for some reason, my iPhone (she has the 5s) doesn't even charge here. No phones, tablets, or anything charge in my apartment. I have to charge everything at work or in the car"

    We left her place to get something to eat and I hooked my phone back up to the battery bank and in that hour my phone was above 90% charged (it had gotten down to 28% by the time we left)!

    Last time this happened I just assumed the cord I had went bad, but now I know otherwise.

    So what is a rational explanation about why this apartment can't charge phones?!?!?

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    06-19-2014 07:13 PM
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    Leylines. Or possibly the Illuminati.
    06-19-2014 09:15 PM

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