1. Jack Carver1's Avatar
    Hey gang,

    I'm currently looking for an Android TV Box but these devices really aren't my specialty at all. I'm hoping you guys may have some input or suggestions on which one to go for. I am looking for a device mainly to play HD content from the internet and output via my TV, other features that would be nice are:

    Ability to see other devices on the network and/or play media from them
    Little to no lag when streaming HD content
    Memory expansion, I have an unused micro SD which I would hope to put to use
    Ability to download from the internet, from browsers/torrents/ftp etc
    Good quality build/reliable
    Best price/perfomance ratio
    Ability to plug my external hard drive into the device to play media

    I have been looking at the Droibox One and from what I have read it seems like the device for me, although the reviews are heavily mixed. I would just like some suggestions, feedback, or recommendations on the Droibox or any other device which has what I am looking for. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks
    06-21-2014 04:06 AM
  2. JRDroid's Avatar
    Google is widely expected to announce their Android TV box this week at I/O, so I would wait for that because it will likely be the best.

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-21-2014 01:02 PM

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