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    I had a little time to play with the Moto Stream, and it works really well for my needs. I had it connected to my PC speakers, but I will move it to my AV Receiver so that I can stream whatever music I want to the receiver, without having to use wifi and TV like the chromecast or roku.

    Pairing it is pretty easy, for NFC, just tap and go. for Bluetooth only pairing, just pair like you would any bluetooth headset or other bluetooth device. Whatever device hits play, the music would start playing from that device. When another device hits play, it would automatically switch to the new device (Moto calls it Heist mode). The Moto Stream would also illuminate in different colors for different devices.

    Overall, for $25 (from the deal I posted recently), I think it is a good buy, if you need this kind of device. Note that it has no batteries so it requires to be plugged in when in use. It does come with a headphone jack to RCA connector cable for use with a receiver or other audio device, or you can connect directly to it with a 3.5mm male connector. Sound quality is pretty good for wireless.

    I made a few videos for the unboxing, NFC pairing, BT pairing, and Heist mode. I apologize in advance, they aren't that great.


    NFC Pairing

    Bluetooth Pairing and Heist Mode:
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    06-23-2014 04:38 PM

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