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    One of the features I like on iPhones & iPads is device-based encryption (encryption key stored in hardware on the device). I like this because it means I can have an encrypted device (protected against access of data from removed flash memory) but find-my-iphone and remote wipe will always work when powered on, even prior to entering the passcode unlock to the device.

    The Android devices I own have a software-based encryption option. I don't like this because you have to provide the encryption key in order for the device to boot up from a powered down state. So if you ever lose these device and it runs out of battery, you won't be able to locate it when someone finds it, charges it, and turns it on.

    Are there any Android devices that have device-based encryption, or is this something that is just not supported under Android?

    06-28-2014 11:41 AM

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