1. SAMmarked1's Avatar
    I need to know the best office apps that work with Office for android. All of them I try mess up the format or are missing key things like spell and grammar check. Help please

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    06-30-2014 05:23 PM
  2. treetopsranch's Avatar
    Don't know which ones you tried. I haven't found one that meets your criteria yet either. You know MS is about to port their word and excel apps to android later this year. I think we will just have to wait and see because I think those apps will be crippled also.
    06-30-2014 05:37 PM
  3. trivor's Avatar
    MS Office for Android phones is out in the play store (free). If you want it on your tablet than you have to get the apk and side load it onto your tablet (works great on my Nexus 7). Others that have worked are Kingsoft Office for Android (they also have a nice, free desktop suite compatible with MS Office) and the last one is Office Suite Pro (not sure what it goes for but not free). Google is now claiming that Google Docs (Doc, Calc, and Slides) is now compatible with Office. Try them all and see if they'll do what you need.
    06-30-2014 05:45 PM
  4. theoilyduke's Avatar
    WPS Office. It used to be called Kingsoft office. The whole existence of WPS/Kingsoft office has been on having good MS Office document support. Check out the desktop version, it completely copies the look of desktop Office with the ribbon interface and everything. It's real useful on Linux if I have a document that doesn't look right in LibreOffice.
    07-03-2014 12:29 AM

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