1. Smply_Rcklss's Avatar
    Correct me if I put this in the wrong section, but what exactly about a certain brand of phone a person chooses to use defines his/her financial status ?

    I was browsing the imore forums & a lot of the comments being made are "Android is for the poor", "rich business's choose to use Apple products", "Samsung users are poor income feeders" whatever that means. Basically what I'm getting at is, I use a couple Android devices, so what exactly in my decision making defies me as "poor". I can easily afford Apple products, but I choose not to because I use what works for me. On top of that, a lot of these Android products cost more then Apple. Okay, rants over.

    Tapatalk'n On The M8 👍📱
    07-08-2014 01:40 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I avoid those types of discussions like the plague, because they're totally silly, and attract all manner of daft folk. Those false and insulting beliefs are generally based on the fact that there is a much wider range of Android devices than iPhones, from very cheap entry-level phones intended for the underserved and underprivileged, all the way up to the most amazing freaking phones in the universe that cost at least two limbs. Anyone with basic geopolitical knowledge understands that the number of poorer people in this world far outnumber the very rich, so if Android phone manufacturers are targeting that emerging demographic, then it is very clear that the average Android user worldwide will be poorer than the average iPhone user.

    I actually look at this in a positive way when it comes to Android vs iPhone. Android device makers are making an effort to reach this huge market, while Apple is content to keep their devices "premium."
    07-08-2014 03:03 AM
  3. sting7k's Avatar
    so what exactly in my decision making defies me as "poor".
    Nothing in your phone buying decision defines you as "poor". You have assigned that term to yourself by reading the opinion of another person online and then just assuming; "Hey that's me!". Stop caring about the drivel being passed around online forums and blogs.
    07-08-2014 08:44 AM
  4. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    It's also relative. The flagship Android devices aren't cheap, either. And up until recently, most people got a phone subsidized making the price irrelevant.
    07-08-2014 09:03 AM

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