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    Just found out this exists. I believe it is a fairly new product...

    Anyone Using Leef Bridge 3.0?-bridge_float-white.gif

    Basically it is a microUSB-B 2.0 male AND a USB-A 3.0 male connector with flash memory in between. So, a thumb drive you can plug into either size port and supporting OTG, Android, Mac and Windows.


    Found it at Radio Shack today. I was looking for an OTG cable, but this seems so much better. Also, the Shack is having a promo on these as a new product. I got a 16GB for $14.99. They go higher in storage (I saw up to 64GB), but the 16GB is all I need for my current project. BTW, every clerk I talked to today looked at me like I had a third eye when asking for a USB OTG cable. I had to explain patiently to them what it does and they had no idea of any such item existing. I never found an OTG cable having looked through several stores. I only found this as I didn't stop browsing store isles looking for what I wanted.

    Just checked it out and it works on my Laptop running Windows 8.1 and my Dell Venue 8 Pro running Windows 8.1 Desktop. Windows quickly installed the drivers on both systems and identifies the device as a removable drive.


    Now to get my recovery partition to boot from the Leef. Then I can recover 5+GB of system storage on my Dell.

    I am also looking at making it a YUMI stick to multiboot Ubuntu, System Rescue CD, Widows Defender Offline and some other toys and utilities.

    I thought it was a great device find with tons of potential that I should share here.
    08-11-2014 05:11 PM

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