11-06-2014 12:37 PM
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    The thing that gets me is that most people that are privacy concerned don't seem to realize you never have 100% privacy no matter what if you decide to use these devices. For example ... You may not show Google where you go and what you do ... But your carrier sure knows where you're going every day....

    Just saying there is no 100%
    I don't think I could reasonably expect "100%" privacy in this day and age, unless I hide in a stone bunker with no access and my "tin foil" suit on... Nonetheless, I will still fight for as much privacy as I can maintain and over which I retain control. Yes, the phone co. would know more about where I am located at a given point and time. And in many cases, that might be OK for them to know and it might help me. But they wouldn't know my web history because I don't use the phone's browser. I use my laptop or desktop. That provider might know that history, but not where I'm necessarily located, except by WAN IP.

    The other point is this. Google is well known for collecting, mining and sharing the data off it's systems for target marketing and other purposes. It's been well publicized what Google does with it. So, naturally, people are going to target Google for their positions on privacy. The other phone carriers, etc. don't disclose what they do with their data, as much.. Only recently are we getting more reports on Verizon and what they collect and share. Maybe it's even worse than Google, maybe not. It's something we should all know before we use those carriers, assuming we have a choice (in some locations, you don't).

    Anyway, I don't expect or even want 100% privacy. That might truly raise the suspicion of the "govt." Better to "blend in" with the crowd than to "stand out" in it. But I will fight for certain elements of privacy, especially those intent on trying to "market" to me based on my web browsing history.

    That's just plain creepy....
    11-06-2014 12:37 PM
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