1. devonair's Avatar
    ...so I have been scouring the web for future and upcoming Android devices to no avail. Sure, there's stories of Motorola making future handsets, NTT/Docomo doing their thing, Sprint supposedly getting the next phone but then saying 'Android isn't ready'... But what's the real scoop? I can't imagine Google is content to let the smallest US carrier be the sole provider of Android devices for much longer.

    Personally, I'd kill for an Android device on Sprint, as they have the best call quality and data speeds in the areas that I need it... But if nothing new appears on the horizon by February, I just might have to jump ship for T-Mobile as I am seriously locked-in to Google for all of my productivity/communication apps. Then again, if Google would just code the Android Gmail app to run on iPhone, I would sooner defect to AT&T. Either way, though, I would certainly miss the dependability and speed of EV-DO Rev A. =(
    11-29-2008 11:03 PM