09-09-2014 10:08 AM
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  1. jmagid51's Avatar
    The title says it all. I've been experimenting with a few and I am looking for what others think about on this subject.
    09-01-2014 11:00 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I just stick with Google. The few times I've tried Bing in my computer browser, it has been less than impressive.
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    09-01-2014 11:02 PM
  3. hawkwind212's Avatar
    DuckDuckGo, search the dark side of the internet.

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    09-01-2014 11:11 PM
  4. neonworm's Avatar
    Google. All day every day.
    09-01-2014 11:19 PM
  5. Bonfi96's Avatar
    I use google, I don't rellay care if it knows where I live or whatever thing I've searched XD
    09-02-2014 06:02 AM
  6. DLGames's Avatar
    Well i primary use Google, but in the good old days i used altavista.com, it was more efficient in finding images and other information. Sometimes better than google, to bad it's closed now
    09-02-2014 06:40 AM
  7. codyoehl's Avatar
    Google all the way

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    09-02-2014 07:31 AM
  8. Carrtman's Avatar
    Went from Altavista.com to startpage.com
    09-02-2014 10:26 AM
  9. slennon's Avatar
    yandex is good for russian language
    09-02-2014 03:38 PM
  10. Aglet's Avatar
    I use both Bing and Google, but 90% of that is with Google. My work laptop defaulted to Bing (IT policy), it was pretty good but I think Google was better at finding what I wanted.
    09-02-2014 05:26 PM
  11. bembol's Avatar
    After Google launched I never looked back.

    tapatalk LG pro D852
    09-02-2014 05:40 PM
  12. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    09-02-2014 05:45 PM
  13. sting7k's Avatar
    It depends on my mood.
    09-02-2014 06:36 PM
  14. Thrutian's Avatar
    Google, obviously. I remember using Ask Jeeves years ago.
    09-02-2014 08:04 PM
  15. rastergrafx's Avatar
    I use Google and Bing.

    While Google is great at a lot of things, they sometimes screw things up (the new Google Maps, for example). Bing is similar enough to Google, so if a Google product fails, I just use its Bing equivalent.

    Also, I like looking up the randomized news on Bing's homepage. They post interesting stories there quite often. I'm also signed up for Bing Rewards and get free gift certificates once in a while.
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    09-02-2014 08:04 PM
  16. rews's Avatar
    Google for a long time, last search engine before Google was Alta Vista. That's how long I've been using Google lol.

    For satellite views though, I've been preferring Bing's bird's eye view with the angled option turned on lately. Especially when I'm scouting out potential real estate purchases.
    09-02-2014 08:36 PM
  17. dctokyo's Avatar
    DuckDuckGo as it does not track you like Google does
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    09-02-2014 10:18 PM
  18. steelrain82's Avatar
    For work google. At home ie. On my phone google and stock browser on note 2

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    09-02-2014 10:18 PM
  19. Yirga's Avatar
    Google and sometimes Bing.
    09-03-2014 04:12 AM
  20. littlegreenbob's Avatar
    I only use google

    I have tried others before but google seems to be the most reliable. It is also very simple and easy on the eye
    09-03-2014 04:33 AM
  21. inderhayer's Avatar
    I am using google, bing as well as yahoo search engines. but mostly i prefer google.
    09-03-2014 10:16 AM
  22. LightaDroid's Avatar
    Google best in the world.!
    09-03-2014 01:58 PM
  23. gigglegeeks's Avatar
    I tried Duck Duck Go a while ago but it lacks many important results when I first try so I left and uses Google. I don't like the idea of Google takes it all but I have no other choice.
    09-04-2014 05:22 AM
  24. hawkwind212's Avatar
    Google doesn't own the internet, even though I'll admit that it's the easiest search engine to use and I'm so use to it by now it's pretty much the only search engine I use. But there are others out there such as yahoo, web crawler, Alta Vista etc. I have wolfram alpha installed in my phone, I use that sometimes.

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    09-06-2014 09:05 PM
  25. ellisroy's Avatar
    I like duckduckgo. Tried google but got to many outdated and/or irrelevant results. Ask.com seemed to have potential but it's to cluttered. Currently investigating meta search engines. I'm one of those people who like getting an answer within narrow parameters (exact answers) versus Google's shotgun approach

    Posted via the Android Central App
    09-07-2014 07:25 AM
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