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    I didn't expect to be doing this... But I am going to the iPhone. Between work and whatnot I have no concept of time anymore but here's what happened...

    - few weeks ago my beloved Evo 4G LTE went down for the count, after many many drops and battles I accidentally set it down next to a water bottle that wasn't totally shut... The water trickled out all night I woke up and the phone was dead. I've actually been able to rescue a previous Evo via putting it in rice overnight I tried that with this one but no luck.

    - off to the Best Buy to get a new phone. I was originally going to wait for the note 4 but couldn't wait that long and decided to try the iPhone 6. My overall experience with the iPhone six was great but not being a fan of Apple I returned the phone and swapped out for the Galaxy S5.

    - I currently have the galaxy S5 and I'm not happy with this thing at all. There's 1 million apps and widgets and what not on this phone and people are always telling me they can't hear me when I'm talking into the phone. I will say that the screen looks better on the Galaxy S5 however I can't stand taking pictures with this phone and waiting for that image stabilization feature to stop rotating, just take the pic already....

    - so in any event I'm going back to the iPhone six. I know the iPhone six is more of a basic phone but I've decided that I really only need a phone to talk on, text and to surf the Internet so I might as well go simplistic. I also have an iPad so I figure just switch to the iPhone.

    With all that said I'm really trying to get some help with backing up my contacts and photos. I have already uploaded almost all of my photos to my Google Drive account so at least ill know they're there. During the debacle of my Evo going down, going to the iPhone and then going to this galaxy I lost many many contacts. Is there a way that I can sync my contacts to a Gmail account and then import everything onto the iPhone? Can I back all these contacts up on Google drive? Lastly, somehow during the swapping of all these phones, the contacts that I was able to keep are now listed in the s5 three times, is there a way to update and sync my contacts somewhere and get rid of all the multiple entries?
    10-23-2014 10:08 PM
  2. KrinkBusta's Avatar
    I forgot to mention that my evo 4g LTE was the best phone I ever had... It was like a tank for me.

    Is HTC the only one that has the zoom fit to screen feature? No matter what I was reading, website forums, emails etc. all u did was zoom in and the evo would automatically fit the text to the screen (allowing you to just scroll up and down versus having to go line by line/ side to side), the iPhones inability to do that is what always kept me away from it. I thought that the galaxy would have this same feature being android but the galaxy is just like the iPhone in this respect, when u zoom in it does not automatically resize the text to fit in the screen.

    Anyway, any help with some backing up my contacts for the imminent switch would be great.

    10-23-2014 10:18 PM

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