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    Hi, newbie dinosaur here with many questions, hopefully someone with patience can answer them. Hope I'm in the right forum, if not mods please move it where it belongs.

    Never owned a smart or phablet before, always used a stupid phone with physical buttons and not full keyboard the one with 3 characters on each, don’t have large fingers but the blackberry full keyboard type phones is not for me no space between keys to type fast or accurate. And use a Mac book at home. Haven’t tried any smart or phablets in stores, since I would need to spend an hour on each and can’t make phone calls to test it how easy it is or not.

    Things I need in a priority sequence

    1) to work as a phone with 4G and do minimal texting easy access to these thins in menu a must,
    2) size, need it to be just large enough to work as phone yet not to small to brows the internet, so something along the size of Xperia Z Ultra which I’m considering
    3) simplicity, I don’t want to go thru menus , less menus the better well to a point where it’s not all crammed in one window unless I can delete or move some of them, I guess good balance so even if there is a home button or few more physical buttons would be a bonus
    4) Speed, my current internet work horse is 2008 Ma book pro which is dual core 2.5mhz with 2GB ram, I get very good speed on it as far as internet via wifi 10mgb connection, so need something that could match it not sure how fast is 3/4G network.
    5) Microsoft word and excel must work on my phone or something similar, again the easier to access with less menus or pages the better
    6) Screen type, since I’m ditching my laptop and moving more to work outdoors with portability, is there a type of screen that is easier to see things under the sun or in bright daylight conditions, without using the shade cover
    7) Battery, bigger is better or if there is an additional clip on battery from third party that could be added to a specific model, big plus for me
    8) Security , been a Mac guy, so used to not having antivirus, hate windows and it’s unsecured ways of working even with nod32. Don’t know anything about android and its optimization when it comes to security. So stuff like accessing my paypal or ebay account…not sure how safe it is.
    9) Radio app, want easy and fast access to fm/am radio where I don’t have to go thru 5 metes to reach it. and must play both fm/am via speaker not headphone
    10) Pod cast, again easy and fast way of downloading and playing pod casts

    Things I don’t understand and would like to know:
    1) How much optimization of it is permanent and how much changing is possible with any android phone as far as what the manufacturer puts in and what you can change? Specific things like:

    Menus can I delete things in menus, or if I need to access certain menu which takes 4 or 5 pages ,can I move the feature or an app in that menu to main screen kind of like shortcut on desktop?

    Virtual bottoms, so if one menu has buttons in the corner I know you can drag them, but can you drag it to a specific location in that menu or window and make it permanent, so if you turn of the phone and turn it back on the virtual button is still where you left it even if you moved it from one window to another?.

    Split screen, since I do mostly web brewing and my email is via yahoo Rogers internet need easy pop up virtual keyboard, is this standard on any android where you have a small virtual button at the coroner and I can always access the keyboard or move it down if no need for it. Or if the smart phone has more then one physical button I can program that button to bring up or down the virtual keyboard with each click?

    Can I have a split screen between Microsoft word document and my email web browser or have maybe three screens open and switch between them and resize them? Can I resize them and leave it specific size, then if I turn off the phone and turn it back on the sizes stay the same on all three programs?

    Can you rearrange the size and location of the keys on the virtual keyboard or is it permanent in each phones interface?

    Stylus pen can you use it on any smart phone I don’t mean specific apps for it, just instead of a finger but kind of easy tapping so you don’t have to be very precise with the pen plus less fingerprints which reflect more during daylight.

    Realistically how fast are these smart phones or phablets compared to a laptop when it comes to running multiple programs so internet browsing together with programs like Microsoft office or something more complex like AutoCAD, or Illustrator or other drawing programs… I’m talking about larger size phablets 8-9” screens

    As you can see I’m still struggling switching over, but realize it’s a necessary move for me, so need something simple, no games or other apps just fast easy access to internet browsing and typing, easy use of a phone, Microsoft office and easy use as an mp3/ radio player, don’t need the latest smart phone models in case there is something older with maybe 3-4 physical buttons that can bring up these 3- 4 things with one click of a physical button, but browsing speed is important so my guess is probably quad core is the minimum requirement.

    Sorry for long reply, but I’m losing sleep over this decision and if I waste $500 -$600 on something that I will regret and realize I’m still a dinosaur at heart.

    I hope I’m not offending anyone here by being a mac guy, but I couldn’t find any mac phablets with phone features over 6” size screen.

    02-07-2015 09:37 AM

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