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    First off, although I love the thought of a cool android phone, I am pretty rough on my phones and like the idea of a having a MID (or DAP) running android instead and leaving my phone to get beat up.

    Previously I was hoping to get the new Ipod Touch due to its programs, but was hoping for a camera and maybe even gps. Then I started thinking about an android device.

    What I want out of this future device is to use it mostly as a PDA (google calendar, gvoice, etc.) but still have email when near wifi, and having a camera to upload pics to evernote would be great.

    And, if I am thinking android, it would be really neat to be able to use Locale and Astrid (since this combo seems pretty great), so a GPS would be nice too.

    If you put all of this together, are there android devices coming out with this sort of functionality. I realize many phones do this, so do you think manufactures will release similar devices minus the phone? Like an XPERIA X3 (not as phone), Archos 5, Sony Walkman X-series, the rumored Dell MID? But even with these (especially Archos 5), how would things like GPS work offline, just a ton of cached maps?

    I have been using an N800 as my MID for a few years, and love it, but would really like added functionality, still have great battery life, a bit more pocketable, and everything android has to offer.
    09-21-2009 12:20 PM
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    You mention Archos in your post - they're releasing a couple of units.
    There is also the Creative Zii - it has cameras and WiFi (Zii.com)
    In terms of being offline, I believe AndNav2 will cache maps for offline use (AndNav.org - Android Navigation System)

    09-21-2009 01:25 PM
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    So, what I would like out of a device is definitely possible with Android, but can you see more coming down the line aside from the Creative or Archos? Thanks for the reply, didn't know about the AndNav2. The coolest thing I had heard about with the GPS was locale.
    09-21-2009 06:18 PM
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    There will definitely be more devices - none that I am aware of at the moment though.

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    09-22-2009 02:07 AM
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    Thanks. Also, since I double posted this question on another forum, which can be found here:
    (sorry for weird formatting, can't post links yet on this forum)

    So far just talking about the Zii Egg, but I definitely think waiting for more late this year and early 2010 is smart, since Creative, Sony and Archos (and Ramos on 9/25?) are pushing ahead in the Android PMP/MID world.
    09-22-2009 09:56 AM