1. JnEricsonx's Avatar
    I download it, cause I bought it on Amazon app due to having 1500 coins from a promotion, but when it tries to install, halfway through it says there's a error. Someone suggested unmounting my SD card, then trying to install it. Anyone else have this problem, or should I see if the same thing happens on my Note 10.1 tablet?
    04-28-2015 11:37 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It would help us to help you to now what the error message was.
    05-01-2015 12:11 AM
  3. JnEricsonx's Avatar
    Just that there was a error while installing. Installed fine on my Note 10.1, and my Note 2 has plenty of space.
    05-01-2015 09:41 PM

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