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    Hello all,

    My name is Josh Beck and I teach course to advanced eighth grade students.
    There are 26 students in the class and right now we only have 4 development devices to work with.
    (Everyone else uses the emulator right now, which can be limiting.)

    I've qualified as a finalist in a competition sponsored by Rackspace hosting. They have opened up a public 'survey monkey'
    based public ballot to help determine which project will receive the funds. Getting a 1-1 development handset-student ratio in that class would
    be a giant leap forward for our curriculum.

    So, if you like the idea of helping young Android developers get their hands on development tools, please go here:

    Krueger Dream It Survey

    and vote.

    Below is a list with descriptions of all the projects who have qualified to be $10,000 grant finalists.
    (They are all worthy, please read the descriptions.)

    Thanks everyone!

    IF YOU CAN DREAM IT Finalists

    Krueger MS

    Krueger Dream It Survey

    --Classroom Video Cameras--

    There is a class set of Kodak Zi8 SD cameras in the technology wing, but every classroom that wants a camera should have one to document and share lessons, highlight excellent learning and to show off student work. It will engage the audience and allow teachers to show each other the best of what is happening in their classrooms. It also will help unify team efforts and inspire better learning. Students would also be able to film and edit video pieces.

    Metric: more than 30 teachers sign up for cameras; good classroom videos begin making it into the combined archive and made into relevant, entertaining and educational videos; posting (videos and comments) on KMSN.ORG.

    --Android Programming Phones--
    Students do not have enough Google development handsets to test the programs they develop. Class would like a few netbooks preinstalled with development software so that students could check them out with a development phone to work on code at home or over the weekend. We currently have 3 dev phones but would like to have 15-20 devices in the classroom. Students have the option to declare a business with the IRS, set up a merchant account with Google, set up a business bank account and have direct deposit working from the Android market to their business accounts (with parental consent). Students last year made hundreds of dollars on the apps they developed.

    Metric: Increase in students setting up a business and generating revenue on the market; increase in the number of students making money from their apps

    --You in SA after school club--
    Students meet once a week to research, plan and organize Saturday field trips to locations around San Antonio such as universities, museums and historical markers. Students will be able to engage with areas of SA that impact them economically, socially and politically. They will discover places that will open opportunities and impact their future decisions. Families will benefit from the exposure students receive as they discover opportunities for themselves in SA.

    Metric: fewer office referrals, improved academic performance, improved TAKS performance

    --4-Part Bullying Proposal--
    Bullying is a huge problem that takes away from instructional time and focus. We would like to approach it in four parts: 1) Kick off bullying awareness week with coolassemblies.com (Cary Trovanovich) and continue character education throughout the year. 2) Motivate students by engaging them in high-energy assemblies by Patrick Perez. 3) Train staff and 50 student/grade level (select leaders of the pack) in ropes training (Fusion) to teach tolerance and proactively address suicide prevention. Fusion is through Region 20. 4) Safe School Ambassadors custom designed end-of-year retreat for 70 students who are part of the behind-the-scenes anti-bullying campaign at Krueger.

    Metric: survey students at end of each program part; teacher and administration program evaluation at end of the year
    01-05-2011 06:11 PM
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    An Android Dev. class, thats awsome !
    01-05-2011 06:14 PM
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    Wish I did something like this in middle school
    01-05-2011 08:18 PM